Down Jackets for Women

Down jackets for women provide a fashionable way to keep the cold out and stay comfortable. Ideal for outdoor activities in cold climates, these jackets stuff high-quality goose down between an inner breathable layer and outer weather-resistant layer. This allows the best down jackets for women to warm the down using your own body heat while preventing cold winds, rain or snow from penetrating the jacket. This unique design allows these jackets to be worn in the coldest of temperatures while keeping you safe and warm.

Qualities to Look for in Down Jackets

These down jackets for women are available in multiple designs and styles to fit your personal preferences. When determining the best down jackets for women, these are a few of the most important items to consider:


  • Down quality: The down womens jacket used in down jackets for women is rated by fill power. The higher the fill power, the better the jacket will insulate the wearer. High quality down also allows the jacket to use less down and weigh less than jackets using low quality down.
  • Loft: Loft is a measurement of how much air the down will trap during use. Higher loft offers increased warmth but requires more space.
  • Feather ratio: Most down is mixed with small quantities of feathers to provide loft and compression. Down jackets for women with less than 10-percent feathers are ideal for true cold weather use. When hunting down jackets for women on sale, always check the feather ratio as discount models can include as much as 80-percent feathers. This results in a down jacket that loses its loft quickly and offers poor performance.

  • Pockets: If intended for heavy outdoor use, choosing down jackets for women with buttoned and cuffed pockets will provide outstanding carrying capacity, warmth and durability.
  • Hoods: Most down jackets for women include removable hoods for harsh weather conditions. Choosing an oversized removable hood can provide increased facial protection from wind and snow as well.
  • Length: In most cases, down jackets are designed to fit slightly shorter than traditional jackets. This provides greater freedom of movement and easy access to your other gear and apparel. However, long down jackets for women have recently become fashionable. This has resulted in a full line of functional and fashionable long-style jackets from many major manufacturers.

When it comes to keeping your outerwear for women and down jackets for women looking and performing at its best, proper care is of utmost importance. Improper care of down jackets for women can result in decreased insulation, reduced loft and an uneven appearance. These steps will ensure long-lasting performance from your down jackets for women:

  • Use appropriate detergent: Baby shampoo or specialized down soaps are essential when washing down jackets. These soaps remove debris while leaving essential oils within the down intact.
  • Use front-loading washing machines: Agitators can distort and damage the down. A front-loading washer will gently tumble the jacket to prevent damage.
  • Dry on the lowest temperature possible: High heat can damage the liners of the coat and reduce loft. Air-dry if possible.
  • Store uncompressed: By hanging your jacket or storing it in a bag, you can prolong the life of the down. Compression should only be used for short-term packing.